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Thermoapplication - Shield with Crystals


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Product description

This thermoactive application in the shape of a black shield with graphite crystals can be used to decorate clothing and accessories such as backpacks or bags.


The applications in our offer have an adhesive layer on the underside, a thermofoil that bonds the decoration to the product under the influence of high temperature. The glue "melts" into the structure of the material binding the decoration permanently to the garment.



  • for decorating shirts, blouses, trousers, backpacks or tracksuits
  • for making costumes, e.g. for halloween
  • for decoration
  • as patches for damaged clothing

Shape: shield

Colour: black, graphite

Overall dimensions: 7.3 x 8.5 cm


Application method: 
1. apply the iron-on to the place where you want it to be fixed e.g. the front of a T-Shirt
Heat up your iron to 150°C. 3.
Place a kitchen cloth or other fabric over the appliqué and iron gently, pressing with the iron for approx. 10 sec.
4 Check that the decoration is well adhered to the fabric, especially the edges. If it does not adhere perfectly, repeat the process.
5. turn the product over to the left and iron the appliqué from the left side of the fabric, which will give you an even better under-cover effect.
6. wait a little while to cool down.
After the first wash check that the iron-on label is still firmly attached to the fabric. If it starts to peel off (e.g. due to too hot water) repeat the ironing process.

*. The iron-on label can be secured against unsticking by sewing its edges to the product or used as a patch.

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