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Pinsola – an online fabric shop welcomes you!

It is a great pleasure and honor for us to welcome you to our fabric shop, which is a real treasury for each and every seeker of valuable and innovative solutions in the domain of textiles. Even though Pinsola is a fairly new brand, – created in 2017 – its founders have many years of experience in selling fabrics. We gained experience at Joan s.c., a company founded in 1982, which several decades later, along with Sewing Contractor, laid foundation of our online fabric shop.


Laces and fabrics

Such a rich history of our brand proves that all kinds of cotton fabrics: decorative, printed or for sewing dresses, pillows or bedding, do not hold any secrets from us. We supply carefully chosen materials of the best quality and sell them by the meter. We offer a diverse offer to choose from, which includes: decorative cotton, tulle, guipure lace, cheviot and many others.


Fabric sale and a source of inspiration

Are you looking for a suitable fabric for a dress, blanket or a minky fabric? Trust the experience and imagination of our specialists and use the ideas we share on our Facebook or Pinterest account. We have a widespread network of contacts in the textile industry which we will use to find you any kind of material in a quantity adequate for wholesale market. Our offer is targeted on people who love sewing, are passionate about handmade clothing and fashion designers.


Our fabric shop is open for collaboration to fulfill customer sewing orders. We dispose of a versatile and experienced team and machinery that will meet any challenge.

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