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Striped Sweatshirt - Blue

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1 pc = 0,5 linear meter. You receive fabrics in one piece. Examples of order: if you would like to buy 2 linear meters, you should choose 4 pcs, in the case of 3.5 m - 7 pcs
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Product description

The row knitted fabric is soft, fleshy and pleasant to the touch thanks to additional weft threads forming small, dense loops on the left side. The construction of the offered fabric determines a slight elasticity in both directions, it does not show through and its cut edges roll up.

The blend of cotton and polyester fibre yarns guarantees excellent performance and comfort. The knitted fabric constructed from cotton yarns provides a soft, natural and non-irritating feel. The natural raw material is breathable and warm at the same time. It absorbs moisture well, which in small quantities is not noticeable to the touch and does not become electrified. The robust polyester fibres improve the durability of the products and significantly reduce creasing.

Belonging to a classic, the bottle green shade ensures incredible popularity for comfortable clothing regardless of age and gender. Sweatshirts and trousers, tunics, skirts and dresses, as well as accessories in the form of caps or chimneys are just a few of the many uses for loop sweatpants.


Product features:

  •     high quality
  •     slightly elastic
  •     soft
  •     pleasant to the touch
  •     of medium thickness
  •     with a characteristic loop on the left side
  •     comfortable to wear
  •     breathable
  •     warm
  •     excellent moisture absorption
  •     does not crease
  •     easy to sew

Depending on your monitor settings, the colours of the product may differ from the actual colours. Width and weight tolerance is +/- 5%.


  •     blouses
  •     dresses
  •     tunics
  •     skirts
  •     trousers
  •     tracksuits
  •     leggings
  •     caps
  •     chimneys
  •     bedspreads
  •     decorative pillows
Technical and care informations
Composition 90% cotton 10% polyester
Color blue
Width (cm) 180
Weight (g/m²) 345

Ironing allowed at temperatures up to 150°C

Normal wash cycle at a temperature not exceeding 40°C

Do not dry clean!

Do not bleach
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