Needles Schmetz 130/705 H VBS


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Product description

Needles Schmetz 130/705 H VBS universal needles "70" for household machines. Suitable for a large part of household sewing machines.

Package contains 5 pcs. of needles.

All SCHMETZ needles have their own markings, so choosing a sewing needle is easier:

UNIVERSAL (standard) - no markings
JERSEY BALL POINT (with ball - for jersey and knit) - orange
STRETCH (elastic materials) - yellow
MICROTEX (for microfibre and silk) - purple
EMBROIDERY (with eyelet for embroidery) - red
OUILTING (for quilting and patchwork) - green

store the needles in the factory package - never loose - it can cause damage to the tip and as a result irreversible loss damage to the material.

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