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Product description

Iron-ons in our offer have an adhesive layer - thermal film which under the influence of high temperature conntecs the application with the base. The adhesive "melts" into the structure of the material, binding the application with the clothing permanently.

Iron-on patch - designer italian haberdashery

Product characteristics:

  • personalization
  • iron-on
  • sew-on
  • for decorating shirts, blouses, pants, backpacks
  • for decorating
  • as patches for damaged clothing


Length: 11,5 cm

Width: 22,5 cm

Shape: round smiley faces

Color: black, green, red, white



1. Put the iron-on on the place where you want it to be fixed, e.g. front of T-shirt
2. Heat the iron up to 150 ° C.
3. Put a cloth or other fabric on the iron-on application and gently press with iron for approx. 10 s.
4. Check whether the iron-on adheres well to the fabric, especially on the edges. If not, repeat.
5. Then turn the piece to the left side and press the application from this side of the material, which will give even better gluing effect.
6. Leave to cool down.
7. After first washing, check to see if the iron-on still adheres firmly to the fabric. In case it starts to peel off (e.g. the impact of too hot water) repeat the ironing operation.


* You can secure the patch by sewing it to the fabric or use as a sew-on patch.

Technical and care informations

Ironing allowed at temperatures up to 150°C
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