Faux fur hair 25/37 mm - Black

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Product description

Fake fur in timeless black
One of the real classics, an object of sighing of fashionable women all over the world - a perfect imitation of red fox fur in an intriguing black version. The fur, with a varied length of hair from 25 to 37mm, elegant gloss and weight of about 950 g/m2, is extremely soft to the touch, dense, with a compact, slightly slippery structure. The most important value of the product is its absolutely unique play with light; deep black, gloss and varied length of the hair make the fur has an uneven texture and looks wonderful in motion. The fur looks elegant, noble, feminine, yet classic and claw-like at the same time, and provides a sensual pleasure in contact with the skin. 


Layers of artificial, colored fox
Our fake fur is a premium product thanks to its complex construction. It is based on polyester knitted fabric, which enjoys excellent strength properties and minimum elasticity. Another layer is an additional coating with clear adhesive, which improves durability and prevents excessive hair loss. The most important layer, which guarantees a stunning visual effect, is a textile cover made of thin acrylic fibers. This raw material has very good thermal insulation properties and perfectly reproduces the natural bristle.


Faux fur on...
Our fur is one of the most popular imitations, with a versatile use, universal, always fashionable, suitable for any type of beauty and for many occasions. Luxurious ethanol, vest or impressive long coat made of this material will delight everyone! 


Product features:

  • high quality
  • thick
  • soft
  • fluffy
  • delicate gloss
  • heat protection
  • minimally elastic
  • durable

Depending on your monitor settings, the colours of the product may differ from the real ones. Width and weight tolerance is +/- 5%.

  • coats
  • jackets
  • vests
  • hems of jackets, sleeves, hoods, gloves
  • hats
  • pompoms
  • slippers
  • key ring
  • handbag components
  • teddys
  • stage costumes
  • carnival costumes
  • toys, scratchers, pens for pets
  • home textiles
  • bedspread
  • rugs
  • decorative pillows
  • puffs
  • footrests


Technical and care informations
Composition knitted fabric 100% polyester, pile 100% acrylic
Color black
Hair length (mm) 25/37
Width (cm) 147
Weight (g/m²) 950

Do not iron!

Hand wash at a temperature not exceeding 30°C

Do not tumble dry

Do not bleach
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