Buckram black, knitted fabric, 150 cm

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1 pc = 0,5 linear meter. You receive fabrics in one piece. Examples of order: if you would like to buy 2 linear meters, you should choose 4 pcs, in the case of 3.5 m - 7 pcs
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Product description

Input - knit buckram, a double PA adhesive point.

Bonding temperature 125°C - 140°C

Time: 10-14 seconds

Pressure: 1-2 bars

Product features:

  • folding softly with the fabric
  • as a lining to stick large-format clothes,
  • finish of the costume, coat,
  • perfect fabric stiffener,
  • resistant to wrinkling under heat treatment,
  • as a stiffener and stabilizer for embroidered fabric,
  • peelable in every way.

Composition: 100% polyester

Color: black

Width: 150 cm

Weight: 45 g/m²

  • It is possible to purchase goods in wholesale and semi-wholesale quantities. If you are interested in this option, please contact us directly.


Technical and care informations

Ironing allowed at temperatures up to 150°C

Normal wash cycle at a temperature not exceeding 60°C
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