Woven Panama polyester - leaves and black pattern

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1 pc = 0,5 linear meter. You receive fabrics in one piece. Examples of order: if you would like to buy 2 linear meters, you should choose 4 pcs, in the case of 3.5 m - 7 pcs
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Product description

Our polyester linen fabric is recommended primarily for textile decoration of houses and gardens, i.e. non-darkening curtains, screens, cushions for garden furniture (under a canopy) or hammocks, swings and tents for children. The properties of the material make it also ideal for lining in bags, backpacks and sacks, as well as for the same accessories.


The floral pattern on a geometric, black and white background guarantees the fabric great popularity. Printed with the digital printing method is durable, has a great sharpness and clarity and a vivid and wide range of colors.


The versatility of the material is due to such utility properties as small thickness, lightness, airiness and low stiffness, which finally affect the ease with which the material is drape. The fabric with canvas weave visible on both sides of the interlacing does not stretch and does not shine through.


Synthetic polyester fibres, which are often perceived as inferior, guarantee the fabric such a wide range of applications. They ensure its durability, thanks to high resistance to mechanical and chemical factors, resistance to moisture and stability of shapes and dimensions. Polyester is also pliable, thanks to which the material does not wrinkle strongly and hydrophobic, which ensures that it dries quickly.

Product features:

  • high quality
  • inelastic
  • slightly darkening
  • low stiffness
  • is not waterproof
  • lightweight
  • thin
  • easy to keep clean
  • resilient
  • does not wrinkle
  • resistant to mechanical factors
  • resistant to chemical factors
  • hydrophobic

Depending on your monitor settings, the colours of the product may differ from the real ones. Width and weight tolerance is +/- 5%.

  • curtains
  • japanese panels curtains
  • linings in bags and backpacks
  • bags
  • thin make-up bags and pencil cases
  • jacket linings
  • hammocks, swings for children
  • screens
  • upholstery of furniture under a roof
Technical and care informations
Composition 100% polyester
Color green, white, black
Width (cm) 160
Weight (g/m²) 160

Ironing allowed at temperatures up to 100°C

Normal wash cycle at a temperature not exceeding 30°C

Do not dry clean!

Do not tumble dry

Do not bleach
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