Knitted Fleece Fabric - Melange Jeans

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1 pc = 0,5 linear meter. You receive fabrics in one piece. Examples of order: if you would like to buy 2 linear meters, you should choose 4 pcs, in the case of 3.5 m - 7 pcs
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Product description

Knitted fleece fabric known as is characterized by fluffy, soft and very pleasant wrong side. Thanks to that it is perfect for children's clothing, as well as sports sweatshirts and trousers or textiles such as blankets and bedspreads. The International Cotton Trade Mark confirms the high content of natural cotton fibres (90%). In addition, the Oeko-tex Standard 100 Certificate guarantees the absence of substances harmful to human health.

The right side of the knitwear is lighter than the wrong one and has a delicate melange effect, so it resembles a jeans. In addition, the fabric is thick, soft and has a warm, pleasant touch. In addition, its construction affects the very low elasticity along the warp, i.e. in length.


The raw materials used in the production of the offered knitted fabrics are: 90% of cotton fibres and 10% of polyester fibres. The first of them guarantee excellent comfort thanks to high air permeability, good thermal insulation and high hygroscopicity. The second one, on the other hand, improve the strength properties of the material and make it less wrinkling.


Product features:

  • high quality
  • slightly elastic along the warp (lengthwise)
  • soft
  • warm, pleasant to the touch
  • thick
  • ensuring a high level of comfort in use
  • breathable
  • good heat protection
  • excellent moisture absorption
  • does not wrinkle

Depending on your monitor settings, the colours of the product may differ from the real ones. Width and weight tolerance is +/- 5%.

  • warm clothes for children
  • sweatshirts
  • tracksuit pants
  • beanies
  • stacks
  • blankets
  • surcharges
  • decorative cushions
Technical and care informations
Composition 90% cotton, 10% polyester
Color blue melange
Width (cm) 185
Weight (g/m²) 280

Ironing allowed at temperatures up to 150°C

Normal wash cycle at a temperature not exceeding 40°C

Do not dry clean!

Drip dry

Do not bleach
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