Iron-on patch, dinosaur (2223)

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Product description

This pattern is especially for children. Lovely iron-on patch in dinosaur shape with an adhesive layer on the underside, which, after pressing, firmly adheres to the fabric and decorates it fantastically. Excellent way to diversify various clothes, such as shirts, dresses or jeans.

Product features:

  • to personalize clothes,
  • to decorate shirts, blouses, jeans, backpacks, bags
  • to decorate.
  • as patches for damaged clothes

Color: green, white and black accents

Width: 7,5 cm

Height: 7,5 cm    


Application method:

1. Put the iron on the place where you want to attach it, eg T-Shirt front.

2. Heat up the iron to 150 ° C.

3. Put a kitchen cloth or other fabric on this application. Paste gently, press the iron for approx. 10 sec.

4. Check whether the decoration adheres to the fabric well. Control its edges especially. If it does not adhere perfectly, repeat this step.

5. Turn the product to the left and press the application from the left side of the material. This will give a better sticking effect.

6. Wait a moment to cool down.

7. After the first wash, check if the iron-on still sticks firmly to the fabric. If it starts to peel off (eg too hot water effect) repeat ironing.


*. You can secure the iron-on from unsticking by sewing its edges to your clothes, or use it as a stripe.


Technical and care informations

Normal wash cycle at a temperature not exceeding 30°C

Do not dry clean!

Do not bleach
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