Creasing tape for curtains, 25 mm - 1:2 transparent


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1 pc = 0,5 linear meter. You receive fabrics in one piece. Examples of order: if you would like to buy 2 linear meters, you should choose 4 pcs, in the case of 3.5 m - 7 pcs
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Product description

CREASING TAPE FOR CURTAINS 25 MM - 1:2 TRANSPARENT (2 LM of material - after sewing in and wrinkling the tape) = 1 LM of material).

The tape is strong. At the end, it has 2 strings, which just need to be pulled to create strings for hanging.

Perfect for curtains and flanges

Composition: 100%

Color: white

The total width of the tape: 25 mm



Technical and care informations

Dry clean in all organic solvents

Do not tumble dry

Do not bleach
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